In the recording of the operation of rising to a power one of the indicators degrees Symbol is usually written on the tier of the upper boundary of the line – “in the attic”.If when applying this format in paper records no hiccups appear, then with documents stored and used in electronic form, this is somewhat more difficult.Modern programs for editing electronic documents are able to format power recordings in the same way as on paper, but during the time this task was solved, an alternative recording format occurred.

degree Symbol

How to write a tag

In electronic textbooks, HTML is used to place fragments of the initial codes of pages in the text. But the browser, having found triangular brackets in the text, will itself take them for tags that it will execute instead of showing to the user. Substitute codes are used instead of these signs.

Good question: How to put a degree symbol?

In order to represent the number (or word) to the appropriate degree, it is necessary to properly draw it up. We all know that Word is a faithful and versatile assistant. If you represent a number (or word) to a power, you can also use its services, and read the instructions in this post.

Degree Sign in Word 2007

  • We put the cursor at the end of the entered word or number (x or 2, or something else).
  • We find on the toolbar “” – “Superscript”.
  • We introduce the corresponding degree, which, by the way, can be represented not only by a number, but also by the letter: xy.
  • A little trick: in order not to constantly refer to the toolbar, you can call the superscript by using the key combination “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “+”.

Putting a degree in Word 2003

If you want to do all this in the old version of the word processor, then here is the instruction for him.

  1. Select a word or number with the mouse.
  2. Right-click on “Font”.
  3. In the window that opens, put a tick in the “Superscript”.
  4. To remove a degrees celsius symbol and a number or a word raised in it, just press the “Backspace” key until the characters completely disappear from the screen.
  5. If you want to delete only a degree, but leave a number or a word – put the cursor after the degree, press “Backspace” as many times as you need to delete the degree.
  6. You can switch to ordinary writing mode with the same key combination “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “+”.

How to type ° and ² on the keyboard

  1. Press and hold Alt2. On the right (!) Side of the keyboard (side numeric keypad) dial four digits – 01763. Release Alt4. °… 0. will appear. Set Eng keyboard layout 1. Press and hold Alt2. On the right (!) Side of the keyboard (side numeric keypad), type four digits – 01783. Release Alt4. ²… / PhDrDAK appears Bonus: [I advise you to type the keyboard settings with Eng] Press and hold Alt and on the numeric keypad type – 0128 – – euro € 0133 – – ellipsis … (as one character, not as three dots) 0146 – – apostrophe ‘0149 – – bold dot • 0153 – – trademark symbol ™ 0163 – – pound £ 0165 – – yen ¥ 0167 – – paragraph § 0174 – – symbol of registered trademark ® 0177 – – plus \ minus ±

Is the usual way to enter ASCII characters from the keyboard!I note that it is better to use the left Alt keybut try the right Alt, for example, such a combination: press Alt right and while holding it, press the Arrow button to the right – let go … ? Hello!

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