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OBS Studio is a well-known open-source answer for recording you interactivity, and all the more explicitly, for shooting it out to the world. OBS Studio can communicate your game streams to stages like Twitch and YouTube, and OBS is likewise utilized for making screencasts. It’s an amazing system, yet it’s most likely pointless excess for any individual who simply needs a speedy and simple game catch arrangement.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio packs a ton of highlights and settings, and in case you’re willing to invest the energy to learn it, this program offers astounding adaptability for power clients. To facilitate the expectation to learn and adapt, OBS Studio incorporates a wizard to assist you with streamlining your arrangement for real time or recording video when you first fire up the program.

OBS works best on the off chance that you have a multiscreen arrangement where you can notice OBS on one presentation and play your game on the other, however that is not a prerequisite. Not at all like the other applications, doesn’t OBS hurl an in-game overlay. All things being equal, it simply takes care of its job behind the scenes. You’ll likewise need to advise OBS to begin recording or streaming once your game is running or not long before you fire it up.

Except if you’re willing to invest some effort to get familiar with this product or have needs past basic game account—proficient Twitch decorations depend on OBS and its profound, configurable force—OBS Studio likely isn’t for you.

It additionally comes up short on a portion of the helpful highlights that different projects, for example, Plays and Nvidia’s GeForce Experience empower of course. Specifically, hitting a hotkey to clutch the most recent couple of seconds or minutes of interactivity to record a stunning second for any kind of family down the line. You can set this up on OBS, however it requires some arrangement and is anything but an out-of-the-case arrangement. At the point when you do set it up, however, the component is profoundly adaptable such that other programming can’t coordinate.

There are a few circumstances where OBS is ideal over different arrangements. On the off chance that you will probably record your ongoing interaction and, make a YouTube playthrough instructional exercise, for instance, at that point OBS Studio is an incredible choice.

You can likewise add quite a few things to your stream or recording, remembering an image for picture webcam shot, customized watermarks, and the sky is the limit from there.

To begin with OBS Studio you initially make what is known as a “Scene” that houses all your account sources. At that point you add the sources like a game, your webcam, receiver, and watermark. In the event that you need to perceive how this functions in more prominent detail, look at our instructional exercise on the most proficient method to begin with Twitch streaming.

Whenever you’ve determined everything for recording, you click the Start Recording button, fire up your game, and afterward when you’re set snap Stop Recording. Prior to running your first authority recording you’ll need to affirm that OBS is designed appropriately and working prior to depending on it for a full gaming meeting.

OBS Studio’s Settings offer an outright ton of arrangements, yet the key ones you’ll need to focus on are under Settings > Output > Recording. Here you can determine the video encoder to utilize, the account arrangement, and recording quality.

Of course, OBS will pick equipment encoding, however that setting can get somewhat finicky. For the most solid outcomes amateurs should utilize one of the product (x264) alternatives all things considered.

Another choice to change is under Settings > Video. Ensure the “Base (Canvas) Resolution” is set to the goal of the game. In case you’re playing a game at 1080p on a 1080p screen this will not be an issue. Yet, on the off chance that your ongoing interaction or stream quality is enduring at 1080p and you choose to drop down to 720p, at that point having the material goal at 1080p methods you will not get a full-screen recording of your game. All things considered, the 720p account will sit in the upper left corner of the 1080p window.

All these itemized settings, and OBS Studio’s absence of default hotkey settings for brief eruptions of recording, are motivations to remain away for most clients. Progressed clients effectively acquainted with OBS Studio, or those willing to invest the effort to find out about the program, will discover a large group of configurable choices they can utilize.


OBS Studio is shockingly low effect on spending frameworks. On the Metro: Last Light Redux benchmark our spending testing rig found the middle value of 58 casings each second with all that set to low without OBS Studio running. When OBS was going it dropped to 50.33fps. That is a drop you may see during substantial gaming minutes, yet it’s actually well inside the playable reach for spending frameworks.

The drop on The Division benchmark was much more modest, averaging 55.6fps without OBS Studio, and 51fps after it was running.


OBS Studio is an extraordinary program for cutting edge clients. It very well may be designed to your requirements as an account program and even make an expert level eventual outcome for destinations like YouTube and Twitch. It’s likewise beautiful low effect on outline rates for spending frameworks.

Fledgling clients, be that as it may, should look somewhere else. OBS Studio requires some setup, and doesn’t “simply work” like different alternatives do. All things considered, in case you’re willing to invest the effort to get familiar with everything it’s an incredible choice.

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